Li Zhihui 李志辉

New Age


The concert “take your ears to travel” leaded by the founder of Chinese music geography, Li Zhihui, will bring you on a mysterious and wonderful journey based on beautiful Chinese landscapes and humanistic culture. Soulful sound of Chinese bamboo flute, western string instruments, Chinese zither and blues harp will lead you from ancient Phoenix to the mysterious Forbidden City, from beautiful dreamlike Tianshan Mountains to Chinese impressionism. The audience can enjoy the beauty of Chinese traditional culture, art history and impressive landscapes while listening Li Zhihui’s musical interpretations.

His work integrates eastern temperament of traditional stringed and woodwind instruments into light and warm electric element of the West. His musical inspiration comes from ancient and rich Chinese culture, tradition and history. Storyline throughout his concert expresses his respect for the nature and nostalgic feelings for Chinese culture. Li Zhihui’s music can be heard all around the world and not only as incidental music of CCTV. Ethnic Chinese and foreigners who are interested in Chinese culture are deeply in love with his interpretation of music. His music is played in the clinic of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which was established by ethnic Chinese in Vancouver and as incidental music all around China as well as in large cultural activities in Sydney Opera House held by ethnic Chinese.

Li Zhihui’s music geography is an integral part of life for his loyal fans. His most famous compositions are the Forbidden Garden, Wandering Arcadia along Stream, and Pavilion in a Chinese Painting.

Top eight Chinese classical instrumentalists will be joining Li Zhihui on the stage in Croatia. Without the doubt, drummer Xun Liang, percussionist He Weijia, bassist Fan Xiaobing, guitarist Su Lei, wind instrument player Guo Zhonghe, chief violin player Chen Jie, Chinese zither player Shen Yue, and singer Nan Ni, will heat up the atmosphere in the ancient amphitheater in Pula.