Muye Wu 吴牧野

Piano Soloist


Piano Soloist Wu Muye was born in a family of music in December 23rd, 1985. Many people discovered his talent in music when he was a little child. He started to learn piano at the age of 4, and gave performances on the stage at the age of 5, and then won the first prize in the piano contest of level 5 held in Hong Kong.
He graduated from the third phase of piano perfection in 2009, gaining acceptance from many music fields and was signed to give performances in different countries all over the world. Media around world have reported long before that Wu Muye gained the recognition from Europe music field by his extraordinary skills and music expressive ability. He was praised as the “Gold Finger” of Europe Piano!
In recent years, Muye visited the Europe and the United States with the China National Symphony Orchestra, which is directly under the China’s Ministry of Culture. Moreover, Mr. Wu is cited by the Chinese Ministry of Culture, and becomes an idol. Muye focuses on the accumulation of music artistic style and his own music style. With combining interpretation and play skills from peak period of revive classical and romantic era and Chinese traditional culture with his own play, Muye is both young and ripe. His fusion of charm and music interpretation makes his play into soul, which is beyond notes and let audience just forget the complex skills. Instead, pure music will inspire people and provide positive energy. Moreover, good posture and gentleman poise are the necessary elements to make Muye become the leading figure of the new Chinese international generation pianist. Muye was praised for his otherworldly piano skills and music expression in the European music world, and he was hailed as the “romanticism ambassador of adhering to the Chinese cultural essence”.